Concrete Siding

Concrete Siding

Constructing a house is really a head ache and deciding on the products that have to be installed is very risky and should be very wisely so that you can get the most out of your investment on the house to make it home. Most of the people love bricks, and they like to install bricks in the entire house which also look quite old fashioned and can put the mood of someone down. There are two most common siding options that almost everyone considers the first one is concrete siding, and second one is brick siding. Let me tell you some differences between these two sidings.

There are different types of concrete siding and brick siding available in the market let me tell you about the concrete one first. When it comes to the option of the material made of concrete then you have a variety to choose from. You can get different styles from the concrete siding such as stone veneer, stucco and mortar less masonry.

Stone veneers have the beauty of natural aggregates and involve cement along with pigments that is into a sliding material. Stucco is said to have a lathe base having several coats on it, those coats are of cement based mixture. Mortar less masonry consists of the series of the stones fitted together without any mortar these are three most common types of concrete siding. While brick provides the option of painted, classic Tudor style and whitewashed.

When it comes to installation of the concrete siding you should take care of the electric and plumbing lines requirement before the completion of the installation of the concrete siding due to the nature it has.

The cost comparison is one of the most important things. If you go for the brick that will be the most costly decision of yours while choosing siding if you make an estimate of the bricks that would be used on a 2,500 square foot house than the cost of the bricks will be $ 10,000, which is a handsome amount to invest, but if you go for the concrete siding then you can be able to save up to 50 % of the estimate that you have on bricks. The most important thing you can get the fastest installation on the half of that amount.

However, in order to get the estimate you need to consult the local supplier dealing in concrete siding in your locality. You have many options to select from the concrete so the prices may vary product to product or material to material used in the concrete.

There are many other things to be considered for going for concrete siding that it can sustain most against the disasters such as storms and fires as compared to the brick. And it also provides extreme energy an efficient option for the users and also provides excellent insulation for the home, can save the monthly energy bill and you can utilize it other important works. Concrete is much more flexible than the bricks.